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Agriculture and Agribusiness
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Agriculture in Rwanda accounts for a third of Rwanda’s GDP; constitutes the main economic activity for the rural households (especially women) and remains their main source of income. Today, the agricultural population is estimated to be a little less than 80% of the total population. The sector meets 90% of the national food needs and generates more than 50% of the country’s export revenues.

In the short and medium term, Rwanda intends to continue focusing its efforts on the traditional cash crops of Tea and Coffee and pyrethrum, as well as on the nascent, non-traditional horticultural crops & plants, including various Fruits & Vegetables; Flowers (mainly fresh roses); Essential Oils (Pyrethrum; Patchouli; etc.), Stevia, dairy, meat, poultry, and fish.


Agriculture is supposed to grow from 5.8% to 8.5% p.a by 2018, people living under primarily agriculture sector to reduce from 34% to 25% with focus on agro processing, exports to increase in average from 19.2% to 28% p.a and imports to be maintained at 17% average growth.


High value Horticulture processingAutomatic word wrap
Kigali Whole Sale Market(KWSM)Automatic word wrap
Investment Opportunities in Essential oils, Potato processing, Avocado export, Beans processing, Fertilizer distribution, Coffee, Tea, High value Hosticulture processingAutomatic word wrap
Soya bean productionAutomatic word wrap
Maize production and processingAutomatic word wrap
Meat processingAutomatic word wrap
Wheat production and processingAutomatic word wrap
Rice production and processingAutomatic word wrap
Seed productionAutomatic word wrap
Irrigation and Mechanization projectsAutomatic word wrap
Coffee: production, washing, roasting and packagingAutomatic word wrap
Green fields for tea production and processing focusing on speciality teaAutomatic word wrap
Sugar cane production and processingAutomatic word wrap
Fishery, aquaculture and animal feed productionAutomatic word wrap
FloricultureAutomatic word wrap
Dairy processingAutomatic word wrap
Silk developmentAutomatic word wrap
Stevia production and processingAutomatic word wrap
Honey production and processingAutomatic word wrap
Turnaround programs:Automatic word wrap
1. Ikirezi Investment Brief

2. New Rucep Investment Brief

3. RABI Investment Brief

4. Rubilizi Investment Brief

5. Sonafruits Investment Brief

6. Sopar Investment Brief

7. Sotiru Investment Brief

8. Utexrwa Investment Brief


The roadmap details the agriculture investment process from the perspective of the RDB, mapping processes related to Origination, Information gathering, Evaluation, Decision to invest, Implementation and Aftercare. For more details, please open the link below:

Roadmap for Agribusiness Investment facilitation


Tax exemption is applied on imported goods (Machinery and raw materials, privileges on movable properties and equipment.

Aftercare service is provided to all registered companies in agriculture sector through Key Account Management Concept (KAMs) to fast track projects’ implementation process.

For more details please refer to Infopack and Investment code


Beans ProcessingAutomatic word wrap
Power tiller assembly PlantAutomatic word wrap
Rwanda fertilizer import and distributionAutomatic word wrap
Rwanda Avocado packaging and export

USEFUL LINKSAutomatic word wrap
Ministry of Agriculture and Animal resources (MINAGRI)Automatic word wrap
Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MINICOM)Automatic word wrap
Ministry of Natural Resources (MINIRENA)Automatic word wrap
Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB)Automatic word wrap
National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB)Automatic word wrap
Rwanda Bureau of Standards (RBS)Automatic word wrap
Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA)Automatic word wrap
Local Development Agency (LODA)Automatic word wrap
Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA)Automatic word wrap
National institute of statistics of Rwanda (NISR)Automatic word wrap
Private Sector Federation (PSF)

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