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Rwanda understands the importance of infrastructure in the development of a competitive private sector. To this end the government continues to invest heavily in infrastructure. Almost a tenth of Rwanda’s annual budget is committed to transport and other infrastructure. To develop a vibrant private sector, Rwanda is investing in Roads, Rail and water transport infrastructure with the intent of dramatically reducing the cost of transport to businesses and individuals.

In addition the transformation of Rwanda’s economy works hand in hand with a greater urbanization of the country. The current percentage of population leaving in urban settlements is of 15% and this number shall increase to 35% by 2017. The shift has already started and more urban settlement will be developed as well as secondary cities in combination with Kigali.


Roads: The major road infrastructures open for investments are both located in the rural and urban areas.

Kibungo-Ngoma-Nyanza (130Kms): This road aims to connect the South East to South West part of Rwanda.

Nyagatare-Byumba-Base (130Kms) located in the North West and North East of the country.

Kigali Ring Road (80Kms): This project could be developed through a Public Private Partnership.

New Bugesera Airport Expressway: The road will connect the new airport to Kigali City (40Kms).

Feeder Roads are rural roads that connect farmers to local markets.

Urban roads shall be developed in Kigali and in every secondary city.

Air transport

The project is to develop a new modern international airport at Bugesera.

This airport will provide both extra capacity for passenger transport and also will develop the cargo freight.

The New Bugesera International Airport target is to become an international hub in East Africa and beyond.

This project will also increase significantly the land value in the airport area and attract more private investment and urban development.


Rwanda wants to develop two major regional lines.

The Dar-es-Salaam- Isaka Kigali railway project is estimated to 5 billion US dollars. The project is composed of the line rehabilitation in Tanzania and of the construction of the new Isaka-Kigali line of 494 kms in length (355km in Tanzania, 139km in Rwanda).

The Mombasa–Nairobi-Kampala-Kigali is the other railway route to unlock Rwanda and provide direct connection to the Indian Ocean. The project cost estimate is of 13 billion USD.

Inland Water Transport

The idea is to develop the inland water transport for the transportation of goods and passengers on the Kivu Lake.

The waterway will connect the cities of Rubavu, Karongi and Rusizi with the construction of new terminals and equipment of new ships.

Public transportation

With the economic development there is an urgent need to develop a modern Public Transportation System.

In Kigali the public transportation system shall be organized around a new Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT) composed of 43Kms of dedicated bus lanes.

Also the Government of Rwanda is in the process to restructure its public transport operator ONATRACOM to make it a private company

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