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We promote investment by providing key information about investment in Africa.

Prepare commercial studies needed to support investment activities. Conducts initial feasibility studies to determine targeted investment opportunities in various economic sectors.

Conducts studies related to income diversification to support sustainable economic development.

Propose and develop policies related to promotion of investment and support of joint ventures between individual and corporate investors and foreign individual and corporate investors.

Prepare databases and guides related to investment opportunities and joint ventures available.

Propose and develop policies and programs necessary to develop mechanisms and patterns of promoting investment opportunities.

Promote projects/enterprises and businesses required in fields related to exploiting, manufacturing and marketing products.

Promo Africa International use the most successful promotion media and marketing channels to promote investment opportunities in Africa, as well as preparing guidebooks to educate and make investors aware of available investment opportunities.

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Promo Africa, African union boulevard, KK500st, Kicukiro, Kigali-Rwanda

Telephone: +250 788 509 838

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